Dumb Waiters

Dumb Waiters

Elevators.ie has the widest, most versatile range of high quality goods and service lifts – including dumb waiters. Our lifts make light work of moving loads of virtually every shape, weight or size. They protect you and your staff from the stresses and strains of manual handling. Installing a goods or service lift means you distribute goods quickly, efficiently and safely between any number of floors.

Wide range

Five 50kg and two 100kg stock models cater for every lifting requirement – from food, laundry and documents to beer crates and barrels, small trolleys and industrial equipment.

Quick, simple installation

The lift operates inside a rapidly-erected, structure supported frame which is easy to install and requires minimal builder’s work. No separate motor room or load-bearing shaft is needed, which helps to keep costs down.

Choice of Finishes

The finish of the lift car and rise and fall shutters can be tough grey baked enamel or stainless steel. Combi and bespoke models available on request.

Proven quality & reliability

Over 60,000 installations throughout the world are convincing proof of the product’s engineering quality and reliability.

Low Headroom
Provides significant reduction in the headroom required at the top floor via the option of either side- or bottom-mounted drive.

Double Decker
This model offers two cars in one lift 50C LH 50 & 100kg Double Decker


Download a Brochure on Dumb Waiters: Elevators.ie Microlift

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